2015 - Frequency Penny Contemporary Hobart

The analogue tv signal was turned off on April 9,  2013. It somehow seemed like a monumental end.  The black and white patterns always seemed like a scene from space, a secret communication lost in translation.  The flickering screen reverberated left over radiation from the big bang 13.7 billion years before, the beginning of time denoted in the unrecognisable shimmering noise.

My work has always had the prevalent thread of the everyday, what we see around what we absorb, what we crave, what we dream. Moving away from figurative source material has given me the freedom to explore and re-visit painting. By pushing the black and white imagery and expanding the NTSC colour palette, I have forced the static signal to becomes part of my world. In a way the source has become indistinct to the adaptation; as with the source material itself gone when the overwhelming intensity of frequencies create the crisp television image.  Returning toacrylic sheeting after years not only links the works back to the idea of the screen but brings back the carving and physical approach to painting that provides me a pure engagement with the medium.