2006 Peripheral Village - CAST Gallery - November

Moving in a space that is somewhere between ghetto and the real world, the student artist creates in a bubble, sheltered from the outside by the safety net of the institution. Building upon the base of theory taught in these institutions, the 'pre-emerging' artist is faced with the dilemma of where their work fits in relation to an historical notion of art making, while also considering how it becomes the art of the future. As disparate art forms merge, established structures shift in a constant flux and form new spaces in which to create. Questions arise as to what has come before, the world in which we live and the technologies we have at our disposal.

This is the Peripheral Village, a place that is intimately disconnected from the art world.

The Peripheral Village is a space for these disparate art forms to congregate, a miscellany of modern art mutants that are products of an amalgamation of the art of the past hundred or so years. From boldly colourful abstracts that reference built and natural environments to black and white photographs of gossamer fabrics that explore feminine interpretations of identity, the included works each embody the interests and concerns of student artists at this time. Operating with a renewed interest in modernist art, but with the advantage of postmodernist strategies, painters become sculptors, musicians create video work and animation is presented as a painting in a gallery. There is no hierarchy between art forms, and no distinction between the now outmoded concepts of high and low art that fuelled the utopianism of Modernism.

Presented as a whole, rather than as singular works attributable to singular artists, Peripheral Village is a jumble of imagery and objects that reflect the constant stream of information we are faced with in the contemporary world. The exhibition is intended as a singular statement about the world in which we live and make art. As such, it is a reflection on the tentative reality that faces the 'pre-emerging' artist as we move into a new stage of professionalism.