2007 - Sex and the City - Bus Gallery- Melbourne

Sex and the City explores ideas of desire, obsession, catharsis,
artifice, disorientation and consumption in contemporary society,
through the work of seven artists affiliated with INFLIGHT A.R.I.
in Hobart. Impulse and hastily made decisions have characterised
the 'coming together' of this exhibition, and in so doing, Sex and
the City echoes the instant gratification of a 'quickie' or the
seductive promise of a one night stand. Like many facets of contemporary consumer culture, popular television programs
claim to mirror ordinary life whilst actually manipulating emotional
responses for commercial ends. The artists in Sex and the City
mine, interrogate and re-configure this 'mirrored reality' to
present a new cognitive dissonance. When reality becomes 'reality'
who, or what, portrays the real?